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The Team´s Name Varona Racing , was chosen to honour one of venezuela´s greatest racing tecnicians and mechanics, Maestro Felix Varona García, Born in Spain the 27th of July 1917. Who arrived from Spain to Venezuela to build up the Mercedes Benz representation during the year 1954.

During his life he attended most of the front running drivers in Venezuela, as Bobby Dennett, Juan Cochesa, Mauricio Marcotulli and his son Amedeo, Jhonny Cecotto, Rodrigo Borges Zingg, Carlo Rinaldi, Giovanni Assanti, among many others.

During his last years he was our mentor and teacher, while we attended Ricardo Vassmer and later his mother Natacha. We archieved several national Formula Ford 1600Titles, as are 2001 and 2002(Ricardo Vassmer), 2004 (Natacha Vassmer). The Maestro passed away in 2007 at age 90.

Later we had more venezuelan Formula Ford championship wins with Carlos Linares Jr.(2009)and Giann Potolicchio (2010), all in FF1600. Five winning Titles all together in Venezuela. In Germany we archieved the title with Marvin Brandl in Formula Ford 1600 in 2018.
The Felix Varona Bend in Pancho Pepe Cróquer de Turagua Racetrack In Venezuela. This bend was named in honour of Maestro Felix Varona. Ths is where his ashes are resting.
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